Online Demo : EyeHome

EyeHome™ is a Canadian Viewpoint Inc innovation that has allowed us to bring webcam powered qualitative component to our online data collection service. At Canadian Viewpoint, all online research will now be offered with an optional Qualitative component through EyeHome™. In this way, respondents will be given the option of answering open-ended questions through a webcam enabled service. This allows for Greater customization on open-ended questions.Eye-Home can also be customized to enable additional benefits beyond our basic offering. These include facial coding and other forms of observational analysis in addition to selection and editing of videos for presentation placement. An example of this is the ability to record a persons reaction to a video and then get automated FACS data back via our facial coding component. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to work with you to customize our EyeHome service to extract those emotive elements that provide added value to your Quantitative online study