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Speed pays dividends in strengthening client relationships and Canadian Viewpoint has developed a scheduling application to speed in-depth interview follow-ups. Canadian Viewpoint’s scheduling app can be accessed by qualified respondents to schedule their own appointments. Use of the app automates a portion of the recruitment process, leading to cost and timing efficiencies verses standard qualitative recruiting.

Our app allows clients to set up In Depth Interviews (IDI’s) as a follow-up to online quantitative studies, blending the quantitative and qualitative approaches. Respondents can be filtered based on their responses to key questions in an online interview. Specific respondents are then directed to schedule an IDI at a time of mutual convenience allowing a deeper look into their thoughts and beliefs.

In a recent study, 72% of respondents indicated a willingness to participate in a 20 minute telephone IDI.

The scheduling app can also be used to recruit for Focus Groups or Central Location Testing by screening respondents through an online survey and allowing qualified respondents to schedule their own appointment. This tool delivers significant cost savings on recruitment with the same show rates as regular focus groups at 80%.