Our Panels


Our Canadian, consumer panel of nearly 300,000 ( 25% Francophone) is one of the largest in the country. Our respondents are fresher and more engaged, as we feel we don’t have to send out the same daily volume of surveys like some global panel providers. We built our panel ourselves with a variety of offline and traditional online recruiting strategies-it is not just an acquired list from a common source! Our panel reaches a more diverse audience than those global panel providers who have built their resources using a single, online source.

We have extensive profiling categories and are always adding profile questions. Some of our most popular categories include Automotive, Demographic, Financial, Pets and Shopping. We also have an extensive list that covers a wide range of Medical conditions.

Our Mixed mode (using telephone) expertise allows us to tap into the entire universe and allows us to reach higher targets.


CVI has been conducting surveys with Medical professionals for over 15 years and we have an established relationship with them – they TRUST us and they recognize our name.

Not only do we have access to the whole Canadian Medical universe, we have over 15,000 Physicians who opted in and provided us with their emails. We can reach all types of medical specialists and filter based on specialty, medical interests, years practicing, practice type, prescribing habits, and much more.

Our consumer panel is extensively profiled for a wide range of Medical conditions.


CVI has vast experience sampling for and surveying specialist populations. We have a Canadian Pharmacist, Dental and Dental Hygienist Panels. We also have experience recruiting hard-to-reach populations, like Nurses & Diabetic Nurse Educators.

Our clients often have their own “detail” list of Medical professionals which we can easily match up to our database