Why Choose Us?


With over 30 years in the Market Research business we are well versed in ALL Quantitative data collection methodologies yet partial to none; we will recommend the approach that makes most sense for your needs. Our experienced, Senior Project Managers are also owners who have a vested interest in the success of your projects. They strive to exceed expectations in quickly turning around quotes or quickly getting your project successfully completed.

As experts in different methodologies, they can often anticipate inefficiencies or potential problems with certain survey setups. Rather than blindly ‘coding to spec’, Canadian Viewpoint reps scrub all survey documents and utilize our shared experience to suggest revisions or improvements to items that might cause confusion.

Say “Yes” Policy

Say Yes Policy - Canadian Viewpoint distinguishes itself in its ability to say yes to, and then delivering on custom requests

When clients come to us with non-standard or completely custom requests, our mandate is to do whatever is required to get to “yes” & meet the goal. If our clients can dream it or if a need exists, we are confident in our abilities to produce a solution. There is no such thing as “can’t be done”. Rather than fielding “the non-ideal solution most easily accomodated by the standard-toolset”, we’d rather spend the extra time required to create an optimal custom experience.

Our technical capabilities are second-to-none – with both flash & mobile-friendly JS ‘rich media elements’ implemented in-house. We have also developed some really innovative and interactive tools; most notably our webcam powered EyeHome™ (now with facial coding capability), our IDI Scheduler App & a sophisticated ‘open card sort’ tool .

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Proprietary Panels:

Canadian Viewpoint Inc has one of the largest profiled Canadian Consumer panels in the country. We also have a large Medical professionals panel including Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists and Dental Hygienists & are able to recruit custom panels. If you need to target or follow a certain group, consider Canadian Viewpoint Inc.

Mixed-mode specialists:

Many data collection companies only specialize in one methodology-either online or offline. We are very adept at combining methodologies, whether it is by telephone/on-line or mall intercept/on-line in order to maximize sample feasibility and help you reach that very narrow audience (ie patients w/ specific type of cancer or C-suite executives)

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