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With over 20 years of programming computer- assisted surveys, CVI offers complete sampling, programming and hosting solutions for all your online research needs.


Our on-going recruitment strategies are designed to ensure panel community achieves a strong demographic balance. The following chart provides a high level overview of our panel, on some very basic demographic variables.Panel Size and demographics


All our programmers have 5+ years of Market Research experience and are experts in Voxco, Surveywriter and Kinesis. We’ve tackled some highly customized and complex surveys and pride ourselves on our ability to “say yes” to all client requests, no matter how custom or obscure.

We partner with our clients to create custom online tools to improve the online experience or to replicate an offline methodology.

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Eyehome is our proprietary and innovative platform for online data collection to better dimensionalize Quantitative learning. All of our online research is now offered with an optional video service to capture open-ends through the respondent’s web cam.

Respondents choose to answer open-ends by typing or by recording themselves on video by accessing a link within the survey. Custom applications of EyeHome include : IHUT, ad/concept tests, package tests, validity tests and social observation. Having respondents on video helps tremendously to support findings & conclusions, allows you to dig deeper into specific areas of the online study and can even be used for client presentations.

CVI provides a turnkey service for EyeHome from support for in-home webcam use, to consolidation & editing of visual materials for clients reports.

flashing word New for emphasis We are now integrating facial coding into our EyeHome service. DEMO


CVI has developed a scheduling application which allows clients to set up IDI’s as a follow-up to online quantitative studies, blending the Quali-Quant approaches. It essentially helps speed up the process of in-depth interview follow-ups and replaces the need for traditional recruitment, resulting in significant cost savings.

Qualified respondents are directed to schedule their own IDI by choosing a time/date that is convenient for them. The app can even be used to recruit for focus groups or Central Location Testing! DEMO